Lynn Glover

Izibalo NPC

Co-Founder & CEO

About Me

Lynn has been the proud owner of the Master Maths East London franchise from 1995 to 2023. Master Maths East London was named the Franchise of the Year in 2004 and has been awarded 9 “In Recognition of Excellence” awards over the years.

She always strives to assist learners in reaching their potential and they achieve this by ensuring a sound knowledge of the basics of mathematics. This allows the learner to become an independent thinker and achieve better marks and results to springboard them into a career they choose.

About iZibalo

A non-profit company founded in 2022 by Ms Lynn Glover and Mr Edumisa Mtoli. The vision is to increase the number of learners who are given a chance to write their final maths exam in grade 12 in the rural and township areas of South Africa targeting 1000 maths distinctions annually from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

We are passionate about bringing back the number of learners who have confidence in choosing Mathematics.

Our Services


We tutor mathematics for free to 100 learners in each operating Maths Pod per month and establish Maths Pods around the schools in the Eastern Cape.

Work with learners to establish confidence to achieve at least a score of 50% and above in the final maths exam in an academic year.


Produce qualified maths teachers through our volunteer process and create employment opportunities for future school-leavers to become maths tutors/teachers or to pursue a STEM-based career.